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Welcome Horse Racing Fans!

At StarHandicapper.com we provide our users with the best horses using a weigh factor which incorporates speed, class, track variant, finishing times, distances, surfaces and much more. Winning horses need what I call the three S's, ( Speed, Strength and Stamina ) to be competitive. My Power Rankings can expose who the top horses are in each race without having to learn fancy charts or confusing numbers. I have made picking winners as simple as viewing a single number " The Power Ranking ". You get over 40 years of experience with every pick taking the guess work out of picking winners. Our top picks in each race win 70% - 80% of the time!. Don't take my word, see for yourself how Power Rankings can make an ordinary player pick winners like the professionals.

To get started click on the FREE PICKS button below and see if Power Rankings are right for you. There's no need to join, login, or become a member. Don't delay, start winning today!

Good Luck at the races!

Power Rankings for Gulfstream Park, Monmouth Park and Saratoga Park

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